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        Mad About Pow

        A powder pocket...

        Nature and History in Shonai

        One of Tohoku’s six prefectures is Yamagata, located just north of Niigata Prefecture along the coast. It's a hidden gem for travelers in search of authentic cultural experiences and outdoor activities.

        Shuzenji Sanctuary

        Nestled in the ...
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Joan Bailey

Joan Bailey, an American writer living in Japan, focuses on food, farming, and farmers markets with the occasional travel piece thrown in for good measure. She publishes JapanFarmersMarkets.com, the first English website dedicated to farmers markets in Japan, sharing the delicious work being done by their growers and producers. Joan is a regular columnist and contributor to Outdoor Japan and Traveler magazine, and her articles, essays and reviews can be found in The Japan Times, Civil Eats, Modern Farmer, Permaculture Magazine and other publications.

Hiking Hearth to Hearth

An afternoon storm sends us scuttling under the eaves of a sari shop and clears the road in Besi Sahar. Only a few buses trundle over the uneven stone surface of the road in this mountain town, the starting point for many of Nepal’s most popular treks.

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