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        Mad About Pow

        A powder pocket...

        Nature and History in Shonai

        One of Tohoku’s six prefectures is Yamagata, located just north of Niigata Prefecture along the coast. It's a hidden gem for travelers in search of authentic cultural experiences and outdoor activities.

        Shuzenji Sanctuary

        Nestled in the ...
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In Focus: Central Hokkaido

Hokkaido is the promised land for powderhounds everywhere. It is situated to be the perfect catcher’s mitt for Siberia’s low pressure storms, which slam into Hokkaido and are trapped by some of these mountains. Riders flock to the western region of Daisetsuzan National Park for its secret pockets of extreme terrain, steep spines and massive powder bowls.

Nolan Isozaki is a Niseko-based adventure photographer, skier, climber, and trail runner. He moved to Hokkaido from California after experiencing his first deep Japanese winter and cannot see himself leaving anytime soon.

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