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        Nature and History in Shonai

        One of Tohoku’s six prefectures is Yamagata, located just north of Niigata Prefecture along the coast. It's a hidden gem for travelers in search of authentic cultural experiences and outdoor activities.

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Eco Corner: Choices for Sustainable Lifestyles

Eco Eat
More Home Delivery

It just keeps getting easier in Japan to have fresh organic foods delivered straight to your door. Daichi Wo Mamoru Kai is another online catalog offering a wide variety of naturally grown fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood and dairy products. Their selection of healthy and responsibly produced foods is impressive. The site is only in Japanese, so drop the URL into Google translate if you are not in the mood for practicing kanji.

Eco Farm
Toziba Daizu Revolution

The Japanese daizu soybean is a renewable resource for the 21st century; used for food, fuel and plastics. Toziba’s Daizu Revolution has 23 partnership farms around Japan, which you can join as a co-owner. Visit the farm and help with the farming and for ¥5,000 you can buy a share. At the end of the season, the harvest is divided and members split the proceeds. Great way to get out of the city and be part of the new green economy too.

Eco Groove
Parties 4 Peace

Parties 4 Peace raises awareness for global issues while bringing together top DJs. The group donates funds for conservation in Patagonia, community building in El Salvador, education in Cambodia and more. The Tokyo events and ski weekends are great for networking with like-minded people and meeting some leaders of the green movement in Japan…while getting your eco-groove on.

Eco Training
Green Business Seminars

Explosive population growth, climate change, a global food crisis, peak oil, corporate greed…the list goes on. So how can you help find solutions? eQualC Sustainability Communications provides monthly Green Business Seminars with sustainability leaders from the public and private sectors to give you the tools and resources to “green” your company, your career and your lifestyle.

The Green Space a blog with a conscience

Filmmaker Youki Mikami recently presented the short film Ways of Experiencing Wood for a Patagonica Event at the cozy Brazilian lounge Favela in Gaienmae. Working with Friends of the Earth, Mikami shot deforestation in Russia and a neglected but viable sustainable forestry industry in Japan. Their team operates Fairwood Partners to promote the use of traceable and sustainable timber. See the film on YouTube, search “ways of experiencing wood.”

After a delicious buffet, the DJs played until dawn. Sponsored by Peace Boat and Patagonia, proceeds from the event support conservation in Chile. Next event is Earth Groove, Dec. 11 at Favela. ¥3,000 w/ drink and food.

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Jacob Reiner is an Eco Architect and director of Earth Embassy and the Solar Café. For more information on sustainable life-styles and eco living, visit www.earthembassy.org.

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