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        Finding the Flow from Kansai to Kochi

        Shikoku’s many mountains, valleys and proximity to the ocean has made it a hidden gem for rafting, kayaking and canyoning enthusiasts willing to take a step or two further from the Golden Route of Kyoto and Osaka.
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Hanami Guide and Map

“I wish to die under a cherry blossom tree, In full bloom under a full moon in spring.” ~ Saigyo

Before you can truly experience Japan, you must see, sip and sing your way through hanami, the annual cherry blossom festivities in Japan. Japanese cherry blossoms are a fickly and fleeting flowers, and the exact time of hanami depends on a variety of factors including temperature and location in Japan. Use our hanami map and guide as to find when the pink blossoms will be coming your way.


Motobu, Okinawa
Yaedake Sakuranomori Park is known as having Japan’s earliest cherry blossom festival starting around Jan. 15.


Kumamoto Castle
Kumamoto-city, Kumamoto
More than 600 cherry trees; open until 9pm during hanami season.

Tateyama Park
Nagasaki-city, Nagasaki
More than 700 sakura trees.

Okajo Koen
Takeda-city, Saga
More than 2,500 sakura trees. One of the most popular spots for cherry blossom viewing in Japan.


Kochi Koen
Kochi-city, Kochi
More than 300 sakura trees. Also, during the Bonbori Festival, lanterns are lit in the center of town and around the castle to mark the beginning of Kochi’s hanami season.

Matsuyama Castle
Matsuyama-city, Ehime
More than 300 sakura trees adorn this hilltop castle. At night the castle tower is spectacularly lit up.

Kameyama Koen
Marugame, Kagawa
More than 1,000 sakura trees

Seibu Koen
Tokushima-city, Tokushima
More than 500 sakura trees.

Matsue Castle
Matsue-city, Shimane
Built in 1611, the castle attracts people for picnics and to view the more than 400 sakura trees.


Hiroshima Peace Park
Hiroshima, Hiroshima
The peace park is home to more than 300 sakura trees.

Tsuyama Kakuzan Koen
Tsuyama, Okayama
More than 5,000 sakura trees!


Maruyama Park
Kyoto City, Kyoto
Perhaps Kyoto’s most popular public park for hanami.

Heian Shrine
Kyoto City, Kyoto
The garden behind the main shrine building contains many shidarezakura (weeping cherry trees). Entrance to the garden is ¥600.

Kyoto Hirano Shrine
Kyoto City, Kyoto
More than 500 sakura trees.
Free Admission

Himeji-jo castle
Himeji, Hyogo
Japan’s most beautiful castle forms the perfect setting for the hundreds of cherry trees in the surrounding park. Entrance to the outer castle grounds is free.


Takato Koen
Takato, Nagano
More than 1,500 sakura trees.

Takada Koen
Joetsu, Niigata
More than 3,400 sakura trees are lit up at night.

Nagoya Castle
Nagoya, Aichi
The castle provides a dramatic backdrop to the surrounding park, which has many cherry trees. The entrance fee to the castle includes the park and is ¥500.


Omiya Koen
Saitama-city, Saitama
More than 500 sakura trees.

Chidori-ga-fuchi Minakami Park
Kudanshita, Tokyo
About 300 trees around the moat of the old castle are lit up at night. Enjoy a boat ride or stroll over to Yasukuni Shrine.

Yasukuni Shrine
Kudanshita, Tokyo
About 1,000 trees. Three cherry trees at the shrine are used by the Meteorological Agency as the standard for forecasting the cherry blossom season.

Yoyogi Koen
Shibuya, Tokyo
One of the livelier places to enjoy hanami, although the quieter Sakurano-sono (cherry blossom garden) is located between the South Gate and the Shibuya Gate.

Shinjuku Gyoen
Shinjuku, Tokyo
1,500 trees. Take a break from shopping and enjoy the many types of cherry and plum trees. There are also French, British and Japanese gardens.

Jingu Gaien (Meiji Jingu Outer gardens)
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
About 500 trees.

Sumida Park

Asakusa, Tokyo
More than 1,000 trees. The park features a 1 km. row of trees along the river.

Inokashira Park
Musashino, Tokyo
About 500 trees. Cherry trees surround the pond and there is a boat ride available, but be prepared for a long wait during the season.

Ueno Park
Ueno, Tokyo
About 1,200 cherry trees one of Tokyo’s largest parks. Also home to the National Museum and Ueno Zoo.

Kamonyama Koen
Yokohama, Tokyo
About 2,000 trees. This hilltop park gives can be a peaceful place to relax and enjoy hanami.


Ogawara-city, Miyagi
More than 900 sakura trees.

Mogami Park
Mogami, Iwate
More than 10,000 sakura trees.

Hirosak-jo Castle
Hirosaki-city, Aomori
More than 2,600 sakura trees.

This city is famous for its samurai district. It is also full of shidarezakura (weeping cherry trees) that line the river.


Matsumae Park

Matsumae, Hokkaido
More than 10,000 sakura trees.

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