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Keen Launches Typhoon Disaster Relief

On October 12, Typhoon Hagibis ravaged the mainland of Japan causing around 200 rivers to overflow including the Shinano River, Chikuma River and Yoshida River. As of October 17, the death toll rose to over 70 with more than 200 people injured and 800 homes damaged. Rescuers and volunteers are still helping clean the aftermath of the deadly typhoon by clearing mud, searching for missing people and helping at temporary evacuation shelters.

Footwear company Keen has started a Matching Pay effort to support areas affected by the typhoon. Matching Pay means that Keen will put in the same amount as donors—for example, if someone donated ¥10,000, Keen will donate the same amount of money. Their goal is to reach 10 million yen (roughly 100,000 U.S. dollars) by November 15. Funds will go towards Open Japan, DRT Japan, IVUSA and Yui, non-profit organizations directly involved in helping the disaster zones.

There are two ways you can donate:

Online via Credit Card


Add “Disaster Emergency Support (Keen Support)” or in Japanese, “災害緊急支援(キーンシエン)” in the form.

Bank transfer (Japanese)

From Postal Bank
Bank Type: Postal
Account Sign: 02250-5
Account Number: 126661
Account Name: 一般社団法人 OPEN JAPAN

From Bank Account
Bank Type: Postal
Branch Name: 二二九(ニニキユウ)
Branch Number: 229
Deposit Type: 当座 Current
Account Number: 0126661

Be sure to add “Keen Support” or in Japanese, “キーンシエン” after your name.

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