Destination Marketing

Outdoor Japan has been helping regional tourism bureaus and DMOs promote to inbound travelers in Japan for nearly twenty years. Let us help you connect your local community with exciting opportunities.

We believe in creating economical and socially sustainable opportunities for local areas while fostering respect between cultures through authentic experiences and exchange with local people.

The 2019 Rugby World Cup 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games and 2021 Masters Games in Japan have presented exciting opportunities for international exchange and business partnerships. Regional economies have the most to benefit from these global events.

With over 20 years of experience promoting inbound tourism to Japan, adventure travel and eco-tourism the Asia-Pacific Region, our insights, expertise and expansive network can help optimize tourism operations in your prefecture, city, town or village.

Once the area is optimized for inbound tourism, we help market the experiences and activities to potential visitors to attract them to the area, promoting cultural exchange and bringing economic benefits to local communities. We utilize our media platforms (print, digital, Web), using video production, original editorial (including Traveler magazine) and a a focused social media strategy to showcase your region’s exciting activities.

Contact us to find out more and details on case studies and partners we’ve worked with in Japan and the Asia-Pacific Region.