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  • Mie
  • Ise, Mie Prefecture
  • Ryokan Oishiya


    Oishiya is a modern ryokan (traditional hotel) located in Futaminoura, a small beachside town within Ise Shima National Park. The famous Meoto-iwa, or the "Wedded Rocks," are right in front of the hotel. People have enjoyed watching the sunrise over these rocks since old times. Other nearby attractions include Ise Jingu (a grand Shinto shrine complex), Okage Yokocho (Edo-period townscape), Ise Azuchi Momoyama Bunkamura (Sengoku-period theme park) and Mikimoto Pearl Island (the home of Mikimoto pearls). The inside of the hotel including the halls is covered with tatami mats so that guests can walk around with bare feet like a real Japanese home....