Minshuku Sosuke
Minshuku Sosuke is a delightful 13-room minshuku about 8 minutes' walk from Takayama station. The location offers quick and easy access to all main local places of interest. The building is 170 years old and the interior has been completely renovated. It used to be a farmers house and in the lounge there is an old fire place with a hearth called an irori. The atmosphere is authentically Japanese, and will bring you true peace of mind.
  • Minshuku Sosuke
  • 場所岐阜県
  • 宿泊施設の種類Guesthouse
  • 部屋タイプJapanese Only
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  • ウェブサイトhttp://www.irori-sosuke.com
  • 担当者名Mrs. Keiko Tamai