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Yamano Hotel
Western and Japanese style hotel Yamano Hotel has a great location in front of the Ski Jumping Stadium close to slopes of Happo One (Nakiyama area) at approximately 5 minutes by walk. We offer free shuttle bus service until the ski lifts of Happo One ski resort. To go skiing at Hakuba 47 & Goryu’s ski resorts there is a free shuttle bus who stops in front of our hotel.
  • NameYamano Hotel
  • LocationNagano
  • Type of AccommodationHotel
  • Room TypeJapanese / Western
  • General Room InformationYamano Hotel consists of 24 rooms Western and Japanese style’s rooms with tatami matting and futon for bedding. 5 suites (Japanese EWestern combination suites) This suite offers a traditional Japanese room with tatami mats as well as a western style living room; Suitable for 2 -7 people; Bed type - two beds and 5 futon mats; Size - 40 sq.m 11 twin rooms (western style) This room has chairs, table and bathroom (suitable for 1- 2 people); Bed type - two beds Size - 20 sq.m 8 Japanese style rooms This room offers a traditional Japanese atmosphere. It has bathroom and is suitable for 1-4 people. Bed type - 5 futon mats; Size - 20 sq.m
  • English Speaking Staff? Yes
  • Other Languages SpokenJapanese,Romanian, Hungarian, French, Italian
Room & Rate Details
  • Room Rates ¥5,000 - ¥10,000
    ¥10,000 - ¥20,000
    Yamano Hotel offers very good value for money with good food, service, discounted lift tickets and convenience access to all of what Hakuba offers. Packages can be booked with breakfast and dinner, breakfast or no meals. Please ask for details, packages including lift ticket are available. Western Twin Rooms, Japanese style Rooms - starting from 10.000 yen/person/night; (with 2 meals included) Western - Japanese Combiantion Suites starting from 11.500 yen/person/night (with 2 meals included)
    • Room Details
    • Type [¥]
    • Details
      • Suites Japanese Western  [14,000]
      • 8 tatami mats Japanese room & Western style living room with bathroom Two beds and 5 futon mats 2-7 people Size 45sq.m
      • Western Standard  [11,000]
      • Twin beds with bathroom 1-2 people Size 20 sq.m
      • Japanese Standard  [11,000]
      • 10 tatami mats with bathroom, 5 futon mats 1-5 people Size 25 sq.m
Location Information
  • RegionChubu
  • PrefectureNagano
  • City / AreaHakuba
  • Nearest Train StationHakuba
  • Minutes from Station5 minutes by car
  • Pick up service available? Yes.JR Hakuba station, Happo bus station, etc.
  • Nearest Expressway / Interchange Toyoshina-Chuo expressway, Nagano-Jyoshinstsu expressway /  Toyoshina , Nagano
  • Nearest National RouteRoute 148
  • Getting ThereBY CAR TO HAKUBA Yamano Hotel is located in front of the Ski Jumping Stadium, close to slopes of Happo One, at approximately 5 minutes by walk. We offer shuttle bus service to Hakuba Station, Happo bus station etc. From Tokyo There are two options from Tokyo to get to Hakuba by car 1. Take the Chuo Expressway to the Okaya J.C.T and head towards Nagano on the Nagano Expressway. Exit at the Toyoshina Interchange and follow Rte 147 &148 through Omachi and onto Hakuba. 4hrs 2. Take the Kanetsu Expressway to the Fujioka J.C.T and head towards Nagano on the Joshinetsu Expressway. Exit at the Nagano Interchange and follow the Hakuba Nagano Olympic Road to Hakuba. 4hrs From Nagoya Take the Chuo Expressway to the Okaya J.C.T and head towards Nagano on the Nagano Expressway. Exit at the Toyoshina Interchange and follow Rte 147 &148 through Omachi and onto Hakuba. 3.30hrs From Osaka or Kyoto Take the Meishin Expressway to the Komki J.C.T, head up the Chuo Expressway to the Okaya J.C.T and head towards Nagano on the Nagano Expressway. Exit at the Toyoshina Interchange and follow Rte 147 & 148 through Omachi and onto Hakuba. 5.30hrs * Remember to bring chains and make sure your radiator has anti freeze. BY TRAIN TO HAKUBA From Narita Airport Passengers transferring from Narita Airport board the Narita Express to Tokyo or Shinjuku Station. Frequent departures from airport rail terminal. Traveling time to Tokyo - 1hr From Tokyo Departing from Tokyo Station to Nagano passengers board the Nagano Bullet Train (Asama Shinkansen). Travelling time 1.30hrs. The bullet trains run regularly throughout the day. From Nagano Station Buses from Nagano to Hakuba run every hour, with the last bus departing Hakuba at 8:20pm. (Friday night 9.20pm). Alpico bus cost per person 1400yen one way. Buses depart from the East (Higashi) exit of Nagano Station from bus stop 6 From Shinjuku Catch the Chuo limited express (Super Azusa) departs from Shinjuku Station and travels directly to Hakuba. Travelling time 3.50hrs From Nagoya Catch the Chuo limited express (Shinano) departs from Nagoya Station and travels to Hakuba via Matsumoto. Travelling time 3.30hrs From Osaka or Kyoto Departing Osaka or Kyoto catch the Sanyo Shinkansen to Nagoya and transfer to the Chuo limited express (Shinano) departs from Nagoya Station and travels directly to Hakuba. Travelling time 4.30hrs Train to Hakuba from Tokyo BY BUS TO HAKUBA From Tokyo,Shinjuku Catch the HIghway express bus departs from Shinjuku bus Station and travels directly to Hakuba. Travelling time 4.30hrs
  • Map
  • Google Map Link Click here for Google Map
  • Travel HighlightsThe Happo One resort, boasting some of the highest snowfalls and longest vertical pitches in all of Japan is Hakuba’s premier skiersEmountain. It offers everything from gentle beginner slopes to steeps, bumps and long groomers and of course plenty of fresh powder. As the skiing area's altitude is so high, skiing conditions are good even late in the skiing season.There are 32 chairlifts, one gondola, and a total of 13 courses to choose from. While at Happo One, be sure to visit the Ski Jumping Stadium. This is where the Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined events were held for the 1998 Olympics. From spring through autumn, Hakuba is also en excellent place where you can enjoy mountain river fishing, canoeing, windsurfing, mountain river boat tour, tennis, golf, football, paragliding, cycling, hiking, horse riding, trekking, mountaineering and athletic sports. Many hot springs (onsens) in Hakuba represent another great experience. If you like sightseeing take into account to visit Jigokudani Wild Monkey Hotsprings and Masuichi-Ichimura Sake Brewery and Hokusai Museum, Matsumoto Castle, Nagano City Zenkoji Temple
  • ActivitiesHappo ski resort , 5 minutes by walk; Himekawa river, 5 minutes by car (Rafting, Kayak); Aokiko lake, 15 minutes by car (Kayak, Canoe, Swimming, BBQ etc) Hakuba valley for MTB ride, Walk, Hiking etc. also Paragliding, sightseeing , 1 minute by walk from Yamano Hotel.
  • Seasonal Highlights9 - 10th of September - World Cup Summer Ski Jump Competition. You can watch the competition from Yamano Hotel; Fire festival in September and in also February; Shiono-michi festival (Salt Road walk event) in May; Soba festival in October, November; Onsen festival from September to November
  • Onsen-Happo dai-ni satanoyu (Happo Onsen no.2), 7 minutes by walk; -Obinata Outdoor hot spring, 10 minutes by car; -Kurashita Outdoor hot spring , 5 minutes by car; -Happo ashi-no yu ( Hot spring for feet) for free! 13 minutes by walk.
Facilities & Services
  • Meals Provided Yes.Breakfast, lunch and dinner available. Delicious French and Japanese style cuisine using the best fresh local ingredients.
  • Onsen Yes.Hakuba’s hotspring has the strongest alkaline mineral waters and makes your skin smooth. It also sores the muscles and tiredness.
  • Internet Yes.-In-room wireless Internet and free internet access in the lobby
  • Laundry Facilities Yes.Coin laundry with dryer and washing machines.
  • Pets Allowed Not Applicable
  • Other Facilities - Free shuttle bus to Happo one ski lifts; - Wireless Internet in all the rooms and lobby; - Access to internet in the lobby (computer for free use) - Ski & Snowboard Rental Equipment; - International phone access; - Vending machines; - Indoor hot spring (onsen) & Sauna; - DVD player rental; - Lobby shop; - Front desk safe deposit box; - Games/Entertainment room area; - Drying Room; - Massage services; - Wake up call; - Free parking; - Restaurant & bar; - Express delivery to airport or within Japan.
Contact Information
  • Telephone+81-261-72-8311
  • Fax +81-261-72-8312
  • EmailSend email messages, questions or bookings through the Online Booking Request Form below.
  • Web site http://www.hakuba-yamanohotel.com/
  • Contact NameMuto Monica