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Hoshi Boshi Lodge
Hoshi Boshi Lodge (HBL) is a year round rental lodge located in the mts. of Nagano. Year round outdoor activities are just out the front door..including hiking, skiing, boarding, mt. riding, golf, tennis ...you name it. It is also a great place to relax and get away from the summer heat..or into fresh powder in the winter months.
  • Hoshi Boshi Lodge
  • 場所Nagano
  • 宿泊施設の種類Lodge
  • 部屋タイプWestern Only
  • 一般客室情報The lodge has 7 rooms. All rooms have unit baths. The 5 western rooms each have two single beds and sleeping lofts for an additional two guests. 2 rooms are Japanese style with unit baths. These rooms sleep three on tatami and 2 in the loft.
  • 英語を話すスタッフ? Yes.English and Japanese spoken by the Owner.
  • 他の言語が話されてJapanese
  • 地域中部
  • Nagano
  • 市/地域Sugadaira/ Minenohara
  • 最寄の駅Ueda City or Nagano city for shinkansen
  • 駅からの所要Approx. 45 mins
  • 最寄駅への送迎サービス? Yes. Available
  • 最寄の高速道路/インターチェンジ Jyoshinetsu Highway /  Suzaka Interchange, Ueda/Sugadaira
  • 最寄の国道該当なし
  • 行き方Only 80 minutes by bullet train from Tokyo to Ueda and 35 minutes by car or bus from Ueda to Sugadaira.. Or, 2.5 hours by car from Tokyo to the Ueda-Sugadaira interchange and 35 minutes from there. The lodge can also be accessed from Suzaka interchange and it takes 30 minutes from there as well. Easy! Link for map: http://www.mapfan.com/m.cgi?MAP=E138.21.13.8N36.32.19.2&ZM=9 From Ueda (上田) follow Route 144, then Route 406 to Sugadaira (菅平). Once in Sugadaira, at the only traffic light in the village, take a right, and follow this road for about a kilometer until you pass the Yamabiko Hotel on your left. As soon as you pass the Yamabiko Hotel, take the first right. Roads in this area are assigned numbers, and these numbers are placed within ‘Tanuki’ (raccoon) shaped signs. At Tanuki 14 (the green dot on the map above) take a right. From there, we’re sign-posted!!
  • マップ
  • Googleマップのリンク Click here for Google Map
  • アドレス3153-270 Minenohara Kogen, Suzaka City, Nagano-ken 386-2211
  • 電話090-4461-9331 / 0268-74-2544
  • ファックス0268-74-2544
  • EメールSend email messages, questions or bookings through the Online Booking Request Form below.
  • ウェブサイトhttp://www5.ocn.ne.jp/~hblodge
  • 担当者名Greg Farnum