Tsurumaki Onsen, Kanagawa

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Jinya Ryokan
Since the time of the Kamakura Shogunate, Jinya has opened its doors to travelers visiting Kanagawa. Our Ryokan offers both a traditional and historical experience of Japan. Our Ryokan is located in Tsurumaki Onsen in Hadano, one quiet and relaxing getaway in Kanagawa. We are very close to destinations such as Hakone and Tokyo and Yokohama. For easy access Jinya also offers a shuttle service direct from Narita Airport to the Ryokan. Jinya has a mix of Japanese and Western style rooms along with private onsen baths and Japanese style dining to make your stay more comfortable. You can also request your own Geisha entertainers to make the evening more enjoyable.
  • Jinya Ryokan
  • 場所Kanagawa
  • 宿泊施設の種類Ryokan
  • 部屋タイプJapanese Only
  • 一般客室情報The type of rooms offered include: VIP Rooms - Built originally as a second home for the Kurodas, Guesthouse, Japanese and Western style rooms.
  • 英語を話すスタッフ? Yes
  • 他の言語が話されて該当なし
  • 地域エディタ
  • Kanagawa
  • 市/地域Tsurumaki Onsen, Kanagawa
  • 最寄の駅Tsurumaki Onsen
  • 駅からの所要5 min walk for the North Exit of Tsurumaki Onsen Station
  • 最寄駅への送迎サービス? Available from Narita Airport
  • 最寄の高速道路/インターチェンジ 該当なし /  該当なし
  • 最寄の国道該当なし
  • 行き方From Tokyo: Take the Odakyu Romance Car from Shinjuku Station to Hon Atsugi. Tranfer to the Odakyu Line (local Train) at Hon Atsugi for Tsurumaki Onsen Station.
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  • アドレス〒257-0001 神奈川県秦野市 鶴巻北2-8-24 / 2-8-24 Tsurumaki-kita, Hadano-shi, Kanagawa 257-
  • 電話0463-77-1300 / International: +81-463-77-1300
  • ファックス0463-78-2808 / International: +81-463-78-2808
  • Eメール該当なし
  • ウェブサイトhttp://www.jinya-ryokan.jp/
  • 担当者名該当なし