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Freeride Adventures
Freeride Adventures is only a couple hours from Tokyo, and is one of Japans driest climates. You can easily do a one day trip or spend a weekend in the area. We like to talk with our customers before they come so we get a good idea about what type and how long a ride they want. We have had rides varying from 2 to 7 hrs and 2 day rides.
  • Company NameFreeride Adventures
  • Company TypeMountain Biking / Cycling Tours
    • Activities Available
      • Cycling / MTB
  • English Speaking Staff?Yes
  • Other Languages SpokenJapanese
Location Information
  • RegionChubu
  • PrefectureNagano
  • City / AreaChino
  • Nearest Train StationNearest station: Chino Station on the Chuo line - 20 minutes from the station
  • Minutes from StationNot Applicable
  • Pick up service available?
  • Nearest Expressway / Interchange / InterchangeSuwa-Minami IC
  • Nearest National RouteRoute 20
  • Getting There2hrs by car from Tokyo , 2hrs on the Azusa Express from Shinjuku, highway bus is also available from Shinjuku.
  • Map
  • Google Map Link Click here for Google Map
Contact Information
  • Address1-4-7, Nagaresimizu, Chelto-no-Mori, Toyohira, Chino, Nagano-ken 391-0213
  • Telephone0266-71-6688 (in Japan) or (81) 266-71-6688 (international)
  • Fax0266-71-6688 (in Japan) or (81) 266-71-6688 (international)
  • EmailSend email messages, questions or bookings through the Online Booking Request Form below.
  • Web sitehttp://www.freerideadventuresjpn.com
  • Contact NamePaul Chetwynd