Kozu Island

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Kozu Island National Park Kozu Island (KOZU ISLAND) has a plenty of diving points. From May to November, on average, the water temperature is 25C and the underwater visibility is 20m. When the Japan Current hits the point, the water temperature goes up as high as 27C, and visibility well exceeds 30m. Our friendly staff are very experienced diving overseas and warmly welcome guests from foreign countries.
  • 会社名Nangoku
  • 会社の種類Scuba Diving Shop
    • 活動可能な
      • Camping / Campgrounds
      • Fishing
      • Hiking & Camping
      • Scuba Diving
      • Snorkeling
      • Surfing
      • Swimming
      • Trekking
  • 英語を話すスタッフ?Yes
  • 他の言語が話されてEnglish, Thai, Japanese
Location Information
  • 地域エディタ
  • Tokyo
  • 市/地域Kozu Island
  • 最寄の駅Hamamatucyou ST (ymanote Line),Takeshibasanbashi ST(Yurikamome Line),Daimon ST(Oedo Line)
  • 駅からの所要該当なし
  • 最寄駅への送迎サービス?
  • 最寄の高速道路/インターチェンジ / Interchange該当なし
  • 最寄の国道該当なし
  • 行き方By ferry : Ferry boat departs from Takeshiba Sanbashi, about 7 minutes walk from Hamamatsu-Cho Station (Yamanote Line). The nearest train station to Takeshiba Sanbashi is Takeshiba Sanbashi Station, Yurikamome Line. By air: Nearest Train Station(Chyofu ST*Keiou Line) (Musashisakai ST*Chuou Line) Local shuttle service is available from Chofu Airport; 3 flights per day..
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  • アドレスNangoku Kozu island, Tokyo Jpan
  • 電話04992-8-0604, 090-7713-7409
  • ファックス04992-8-1123
  • EメールSend email messages, questions or bookings through the Online Booking Request Form below.
  • ウェブサイトhttp://www6.ocn.ne.jp/~nangoku1/
  • 担当者名yusuke suzuki