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Discovery Divers Tokyo
Come dive with us! PADI, NAUI and IANTD facility Discovery Divers Tokyo has broken the price barrier making dive tours, certification and equipment affordable. With the old obstacles of price and availability removed, it's easier than ever to enrich your life here in Japan with underwater adventures. Become the diver you've always wanted to be. The dilemma of once-a-year divers… For me, it is quite sad that there are so many people here in Japan that can only afford to dive a couple times a year, so they never progress beyond a beginner skill level. These folks often never get good enough to really enjoy the experience safely. They need to be supervised closely by a professional each time they dive. The problem… Until now, diving has been expensive to the point where many people can’t afford to dive enough to attain and maintain good diving form. Typical dive operators charge incredibly high prices for diving and education, making the sport too expensive for all but the most affluent divers here in Japan. Busting the Myth… Most divers have been convinced that it HAS to be expensive or logistically difficult to dive in Japan. That’s simply not true. Diving with Discovery Divers Tokyo can be surprisingly similar pricing to diving in the US. We take care of the logistics, so all you have to do is show up.
  • Company NameDiscovery Divers Tokyo
  • Company TypeScuba Diving Operation
    • Activities Available
      • Scuba Diving
      • Snorkeling
      • Swimming
  • English Speaking Staff?
  • Other Languages SpokenJapanese, English
Activity & Rate Details
  • General InformationDay of diving from ¥7,000 Diving license from ¥66,000 complete Advanced education from ¥10,000
    • Activity Rates
    • Activity  [¥]
    • Details
      • Scuba Review  [10,000]
      • This is one of our most popular courses. It goes like this. Someone is a diver in another country. They come to Japan and imagine that diving would be too difficult or expensive to do here, so they forget about diving. Once they discover us and decide to get back into diving, their skills may have become a bit rusty and they would like a refresher. No worries, we’ve got you covered. We’ll have you back in the water and feeling comfortable again in no time.
      • PADI Open Water License  [59,000]
      • The PADI Open Water License Course is your doorway to the underwater world. The course consists of knowledge development, pool or shallow water work, and ends with 4 open water dives. This can be completed in as little as a long weekend with independent study beforehand, or longer if a more relaxed pace is desired. Group Rate. Individual, add JPY 10,000
      • Day of fun diving  [10,000]
      • All year long, Discovery Divers Tokyo leads dives around the Izu peninsula. Most dive sites have can accommodate a range of experience and skills, so they can be enjoyed by both beginner and seasoned divers. Each month, we offer a variety of both dingle day and weekend dive trips. There’s a whole world in Izu waiting to be discovered.
      • Continued Dive Education  [10,000]
      • For those with previous dive certification and experience, Discovery Divers has a full range of more advanced diving education and experiences to take your diving to new levels. Want to learn a specific skill? Become a Dive Master? Learn how to dive double tanks? Become the diver you always wanted to be.
  • Cancellation PolicyVaries depending on trip. See website for details.
  • Payment InformationWe accept cash, Pay Pal and Credit Cards via Pay Pal.
Location Information
  • RegionKanto
  • PrefectureKanagawa
  • City / AreaTokyo
  • Nearest Train StationVaries depending on the trip.
  • Minutes from StationNot Applicable
  • Pick up service available? . Pickup available at a station nearest the chosen dive site.
  • Nearest Expressway / Interchange / InterchangeNot Applicable
  • Nearest National RouteNot Applicable
  • Getting ThereRecreational dive trips and training take place all over the Izu Peninsula so getting there will depend on the dive location. Examples are: Osezaki, Kumomi, Koganezaki (all west coast), Atami, Izu Ocean Park, Futo (all east coast) and Hatsushima, Oshima and Mikomoto (islands to the east or south).
  • Map
  • Google Map Link Click here for Google Map
  • Travel HighlightsThe west coast of Izu can have incredible views of Mt. Fuji, especially in Fall and Spring. Dive sites like Osezaki are especially enchanting those times of year.
  • ActivitiesMany dive sites have other nearby activities like hiking, onsen and beaches.
  • Seasonal HighlightsThe rugged west coast of Izu is hued with pink cherry blossoms in spring, and blushes red with fall momiji (Japanese maple) leaves.
  • OnsenAccommodation for weekend drive trips often ofuro-style hot tub. Many dive locations are located near Onsens.
Facilities & Services
  • Rental Gear AvailableDiscovery Divers can arrange for rental of all the gear you need.
  • Accommodation Available Weekend trips will include overnight accommodations, minshuku style.
  • Meals ProvidedOn weekend package trips, a delicious dinner and breakfast are generally included in the accommodations package.
  • InternetNot Applicable
  • Other FacilitiesThe Ocean
Contact Information
  • AddressNot Applicable
  • Telephone(080) 5707-3260
  • FaxNot Applicable
  • EmailSend email messages, questions or bookings through the Online Booking Request Form below.
  • Web sitehttp://www.DiscoveryDiversTokyo.Com
  • Contact NameJim Goddard