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Hokkaido Powder Guides
Hokkaido Powder Guides are based in Furano which is the geographical center of Hokkaido. We are quickly establishing ourselves as the specialists for ski guided adventure tours in Hokkaido. Our guides are certified professionals who are dedicated to providing an excellent standard of customer service and safety on tours ranging from guided off-piste, backcountry and alpine ski touring trips as well as avalanche safety courses. As Japan's northern most island, Hokkaido is ideally located to catch the cold moisture laiden air originating from Siberia which unloads meters of some of the finest and most dependable powder snow in the world. But is isn't just the powder. It is the steaming volcanoes, hot spring pools, Japanese cuisine and the incredible hospitality of the people that makes Hokkaido so special. We hope that you can join us on a ski/riding journey that you will never forget.
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      • Backcountry Tours
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      • Winter Sports
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  • Hokkaido
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