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EN in-house fine dining
At EN, we understand that different events demand different styles of service, whether it is a sit-down fine dining or a casual cocktail party serving canapés followed by a buffet, or any of the myriad possibilities that exist in-between.

 Our unique menu allows our customers to enjoy gourmet dining with friends and family in their luxury Niseko holiday homes. We pride ourselves in using only the freshest ingredients from Niseko, and other parts of Hokkaido, creating flavorful foods with gorgeous presentation, and exceptional service. Whether it is in the morning or in the evening, marvel at the art and theatre of the kitchen at your Niseko property. Your very own personal chef will arrive, serve the wine and create a series of small courses that will excite your mind, satisfy your appetite and pique your curiosity. Experience Niseko's fine dining during your Niseko winter and summer holiday.
  • 会社名 EN in-house fine dining
  • 会社の種類 Restaurants & Cafes
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  • Hokkaido
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