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Wetland Kamakura
Wetland is located in Kamakura Hase/Sakanoshita area. Our Surf Shop is about 1 minute from Yuigahama beach. Yuigahama Beach is a shallow beach and great from beginner surfers. Wetland Kamakura has a wide variety of Surf Boards and Surfing Accessories, Wet suits and domestic brands. Wetland Kamakura also offers surfing lessons at Yuigahama Beach. During the summer surfing and surf lesson are available only after 5pm the Yuigahama Beach, which is great fro a sunset surf.
  • 会社名 Wetland Kamakura
  • 会社の種類 Surf Shops
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  • 地域エディタ
  • Kanagawa
  • 市/地域鎌倉
  • アクセス江ノ電長谷駅より1分
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  • アドレス〒248-0021 鎌倉市坂ノ下13-18
  • 電話0467-22-9571
  • ファックス0467-22-9571
  • Eメール+81-467-22-9571
  • ウェブサイト http://www.kamakura-net.com/wetland
  • 担当者名Manager "Shu"