Okinawa Starts 24-hour Multi-lingual Tourist Hotline

24-hour multi-lingual call center for overseas tourists

To provide tourists from Japan and Foreign countries a safe stay in Okinawa.
A 24hour multi-lingual call center has been set up for tourists to help
ensure safe and convenient travel in Okinawa. Our multi-lingual staff
answer questions in four languages.
The phone numbers are as follows:

098-916-6180 (English)
098-916-6181 (Chinese)
098-916-6182 (Korean) *9:00-24:00
098-916-6183 (Japanese)

Call from overseas:
81-98-916-6180 (English)
81-98-916-6181 (Chinese)
81-98-916-6182 (Korean) *9:00-24:00(JST)
81-98-916-6183 (Japanese)

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