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Greenland Requests Humpback Kill Quota

Feb 16 (Tue ), 2010

Greenland Requests Humpback Kill Quota
By Hardy Jones

There is a new and serious threat to humpback whales, some of the most beloved animals on earth. The whales under the gun are those that migrate as far as Greenland along the eastern seaboard of North America.

At the latest meeting of the International Whaling Commission Denmark requested a quota of fifty humpbacks for Greenland to kill as part of its aboriginal hunt. What is strange about the request is that Greenland agreed to reduce its take of minke and fin whales which is already allowed by the IWC. Greenland will thus net less whale meat while infuriating millions of people who love humpbacks, many of them by personally seeing them along the coasts of New England and the Maritime Provinces of Canada.

It is my belief that Japan is behind this move. Japan tried to get a quota to hunt humpbacks in the Antarctic last year but withdrew the request in the face of international outrage.

What can we do to stop the hunt of humpback whales? Contact the U.S. White House and ask President Obama to take a strong stand on behalf of whales and to particularly oppose the quota for humpbacks. If this quota is granted to Greenland, Japan will then demand its own quota and the threat to this highly endangered species will expand.

Contact U.S. President Obama

Link  to http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/

Contact the Danish Prime Minister at stm@stm.dk

(From BlueVoice.org)