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Toshiba launches Household Fuel Cell

Oct 03 (Wed ), 2012

Toshiba Launches Household Fuel Cell That Operates Independently Even During Blackouts

Major Japanese electronics manufacturer Toshiba Corp. and Toshiba Fuel Cell Power Systems Corp. announced on June 25, 2012, the development of a new type of Ene-Farm, a household fuel cell, which operates even during blackouts by employing a self-sustained operation function. Shipping of the product to city gas companies and liquefied petroleum gas distributing companies is now underway.
The new product uses a combination of the conventional model, which was released in March 2012, and the self-sustained operation function. When the Ene-Farm is in operation during blackouts, power can be supplied through an independent outlet from the Ene-Farm. Another type of the Ene-Farm equipped with a selection switch box automatically changes the power source for water heaters from commercial power sources to the Ene-Farm during blackouts.
Source: JFS