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Mammut Barryvox Element Beacon Monitor Program - Customer Feedback

May 14 (Mon ), 2012
There is only one way to go into Japan’s backcountry – safely, and with the right equipment and knowledge. Mammut’s Barryvox Element beacon was created to be easy to use and affordable for new backcountry enthusiasts without sacrificing functionality. Two veteran backcountry guides in Japan share their impressions after using the Barryvox Element beacon with their customers this season.
Bill Ross
Director & Guide, Dancing Snow (Myoko, Niigata)
“I have used Mammut’s Pulse Barryvox for a while now, after using a variety of transceivers from the good old days of analogue devices. It’s just great—I used it during avalanche training, and literally found a target in a great big field in less than 30 seconds. Much easier and intuitive than in the past.
The Pulse does take a little study to know all the functions, though, so I was really pleased to have the chance to try out the Element with our guests. Its simplicity doesn’t mean it is a dumbed-down version. Rather, in quick pre-tour briefings with guests I really felt that they understood the idea behind it, how it functions, and what to do if something did happen. Makes me feel safer, because I’m the first one to ski! And the reasonable price is also a real benefit for people who are already investing a lot in backcountry gear. A really nice, attractive package that I can completely recommend.
About Myoko
The area around Mt. Myoko has a wide range of backcountry terrain, ideal for everyone from experienced skiers and boarders to those leaving the groomed runs and “sidecountry” for the first time. It’s serious snow country, though, so a transceiver is a requirement, as is proper gear, good group dynamics and knowledge of terrain and the possibilities of avalanches.
Dancing Snow Customer Feedback
“The unit is very compact, and the straps keep it close to your body and out of the way. You’re not really aware that you have it on while you’re on the hill.”
“It’s really easy to figure out which way to search. All you have to do is follow the arrows and watch the distance figures go down.”
“I liked the way the display shows how many beacons are out there when you switch to search, and the way you can mark victims so the transceiver stops receiving from that person, and you can move on to the next.”
“It was my first time to use a transceiver, and it was very easy to understand how to use it. The switches and dials are also simple and clearly marked. I liked the fact that it was hard to accidently turn it off!’
“I’ve used other transceivers that are not as natural to switch from transmit to receive, or harder to use in an actual search. Very fast and accurate.”
Paul Vanderheiden
Owner, Japow Tours (Hakkoda, Aomori)
“The Mammut Element is a three- antenna transceiver, which make it much faster than other beacon searches on the market.   I have been using different beacons for years and have tried many companies but Mammut has made great strides in the design and simplicity of their New Mammut Element. As a Guide I feel much safer knowing that the people in my group have a quality product and they are confident in using it even if its their first time with the Transceiver. Thank you Mammut for making such an amazing life saving device.”
About Hakkoda
Tohoku’s Mt. Hakkoda is a backcountry playground attracting advanced skiers and snowboarders. A beacon is standard equipment for exploring these serious mountains, as is a knowledgeable guide.
Japow Tours Customers Feedback
“The Mammut Element Barryvox transceiver is incredibly intuitive and even tells you to turn around if you are going the wrong direction with a simple U-Turn symbol”
“The simple on and off switch locks into place making each function secure and one confidant that he or she is sending or receiving the proper signal.”
“The harness and housing of the Mammut Element Barryvox is actually quite comfortable and allows for easy access the to transceiver itself”
“As an avid backcountry snowboarder the “Mutual burials function” is essential when traveling with larger groups.”
“When practicing with The Mammut Element Barryvox vs. my friends BCA Tracker the Element was picking up a signal and tracking at least 10 meters before the BCA Tracker.  When doing a speed search in the practice field, the Element Barryvox won every time.”

“The Mammut Element Barryvox 3 antenna system works faster and more fluid than other beacons I have had in the past, by far the best and easiest transceiver I have every used” 

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