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Mariners, A's to open '12 MLB season in Japan

Mar 02 (Fri ), 2012

Mariners, A's to open '12 MLB season in Japan
Proceeds from two-game series will assist nation's rebuilding efforts

Major League Baseball will open its 2012 season on March 28-29 in Japan with two games between the Seattle Mariners (the "road" team) and the Oakland Athletics (the "home" team). Both of these teams are highly popular with Japanese baseball fans. This is the fourth season opener in Japan, and the first since the 2008 opener which was held at the Tokyo Dome, where this year's games will also take place.

The two-game series is dedicated to assisting the rebuilding efforts as Japan continues its difficult recovery from the catastrophic events of last March, when an earthquake and tsunami wreaked unimaginable destruction across a wide swath of northeastern Japan and its after effects reverberated around the globe.

The series is made possible through the support of Nippon Professional Baseball and Yomiuri.

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