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Project Supporting Disaster-Stricken Farmers and Fishermen

Aug 23 (Tue ), 2011

Project Supporting Disaster-Stricken Farmers and Fishermen

Copyright Daichi wo Mamoru Kai

Daichi wo Mamoru Kai ("Association to Preserve the Earth"), a provider of organic food home-delivery services, launched on April 1, 2011, a project to help Tohoku farmers and fishermen get their production operations running again.

The March 11 Great East Japan Earthquake caused many producers in primary industries like farming and fishing to lose their production infrastructure such as farm fields, ports, and processing plants. While it is hoped that disaster areas will recover and production will resume quickly, repairing ports, acquiring new fishing boats, and restarting organic agriculture in fields inundated by the tsunami will likely take years.

The project will provide assistance to enable affected producers to restart their activities in a new environment, utilizing vocational skills they already have. The association will provide various forms of intermediary support. For agriculture, it will ask farmers who were unaffected by the disaster and whose growing practices meet the association's organic and other standards to host affected farmers. For fisheries, it will consolidate support by requesting fisheries associations to donate idle fishing boats and other aid .

Aiming to provide recovery assistance that suits individual needs, the project will act as an interface between producers in Japan who want to lend their support and affected producers who have specific requests. For the time being, the association will send information to affected producers who have a contract with the association, but in the future plans to accept non-contracted producers as well.

Courtesy of Japan For Sustainability