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Cool Stuff for Winter!

Cool Stuff for Winter!
Stuff you gotta have…

(Don’t) Break a leg!
Sorel Caribou Boots

Don’t miss out on the ski season because you wore the wrong boots and slipped on the ice (like a certain OJ editor did last season). Get yourself a pair of Sorel Caribou snow boots. Designed to battle whatever winter throws your way, these boots are durable, reliable, waterproof and most importantly, give you lots of grip in the snow.

Web: www.columbiasports.co.jp

Save the snow one snowboard bag at a time
Green Guru’s Billboard Snowboard Bag
Support the “save the snow movement” by getting yourself a recycled snowboard bag, made from good ol’ American billboards. The Billboard Snowboard Bag by Ecologic Designs is an innovative and dependable way to carry your board, boots, and gear. Carries boards up to 168 cm. with bindings.

Web: www.greengurugear.com

Be a Snow Ninja!
Ninja Suit by Airblaster

This hooded jumpsuit is perfect for keeping warm and dry this winter. Worn properly it protects sensitive areas, so no cold air or snow sneaks in. Featuring amazing insulation, stretchable easy breathing fabric, and Monkey palms to keep your wrists and hands dry and warm. Front fly and rear U-zip allows easy bathroom access!

Price: ¥18,900
Web: www.myairblaster.com (in Japan: www.ability-int.com)

A Powder Celebration!
Car Danchi 3

The two-year wait is over. The Car Danchi crew is back, dropping their city lifestyles in search Japan powder. Neither samurai nor salary men, these characters have created their own lifestyle by living on the road in search of the perfect powder day. Soundtrack features music from Japan’s underground. Available at The North Face and Burton stores in Japan.

Preview Teaser on OJ Juiced! www.outdoorjapan.net

Snowboard wax for girls (and guys too!)

The first girls all natural, all cute, snowboard wax. Waxing your board before you ride makes you girls (and guys) look tough, buff, and sexy. Power up with Slush Rush, for warm temperatures and Sonic Boom for all temperature conditions. Don’t forget to recycle the pack!

Price: Sonic Boom (\2,000). Slush Rush (\1,800)
Web: www.iheartpompom.com (in Japan contact info@mousepow.com)

10/4 Little Buddy
Burton Lil’ Buddy

This portable cooler bag comes with speakers and amp, plus auxiliary input so you can groove to your iPod while chillin’ at the snow park, the beach, under the cherry blossoms or at the fireworks festival. The zipper doubles as a bottle opener and there’s enough room for a 12-pack. What else do you need?

Price: ¥8,400
Web: www.burton.com