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Niseko Untapped
By Rie Miyoshi

Niseko draws thousands of visitors each year to Japan’s northernmost island in search of the steep and deep. Yet when these famed slopes turn from white to green, the untapped potential as a summer destination is on full display with outdoor activities, art, great food and top-notch accommodation.


Today Niseko’s streets, usually packed with skiers and snowboarders walking to and from the numerous luxury apartments and restaurants, are eerily quiet. Yet, peer a little closer and you’ll see a buzz of activity and anticipation as the town ramps up for summer. Hokkaido rarely exceeds 30 degrees Celsius—even in the peak of summer—making it ideal for hiking, cycling, lake and ocean sports. Instead of going into reverse hibernation when the snow melts, several businesses have ventured to stay open year round in hopes that Niseko will follow Whistler and Queenstown’s footsteps and become a major all-season outdoor destination.


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