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Power Places: 1,368 Steps to Konpira-san
By Lee Dobson
Power Places: 1,368 Steps to Konpira-san
Affectionately known as “Konpira-san,” Kagawa’s Kotohira-gu Shrine is believed to be one of Japan’s power spots and home to a god that protects sailors. Curious travelers who climb the 1,368 steps arrive at a sacred place touched by both Shintoism and Buddhism. 
On the wooded slopes of Mt. Zozu sits a shrine where one can experience both the purity and sanctity of Shintoism and the hope of Buddhism. It is a place to commune with nature, and if you dare, look inwardly. 
The journey to Kotohira-gu, a shrine in the Kotohira Region of Kagawa Prefecture, involves a long, enjoyable approach from Kotohira Station flanked by shops selling local goodies such as sanuki udon and soy-flavored ice cream, as well as locally made figures and trinkets, charms and talismans.
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