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Photo Essay: Winter 2011 - Myoko Kogen
By Adam Ü

 Two weeks of endless powder in Myoko Kōgen

“If I was forced to rank my best powder memories, my time in Myoko during January 2011 would probably rank as number one. None of our crew had ever experienced such deep snow and such consistent snowfall at any other time or place, and the combination of fun terrain and helpful and friendly locals made our experience even better.


Our two weeks went by in a blur of trees, face shots, bottomless landings with a soundtrack of laughter and it seemed no matter how unbeatable each day seemed to be, the next day blew it away. All of us considered changing our tickets to stay longer; some of us even threatened to sell our houses and just move over to Japan for good. The responsibilities of our lives back home seemed trivial compared to the best powder skiing on the planet. We eventually had to leave, but not without making plans for a return visit next year, only this time we're looking at a month instead of just two weeks. See you then!”
—Adam Ü

Adam Ü is a K2 pro telemarker, world traveler and summertime marine scientist and whale counter. He lives in Mt. Baker, Washington, where they think they know snow. Myoko taught him otherwise, And, yes, Ü is his full last name.