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Hanami Gear Review
By "Marvelous" Marv Cherry

Essential gear

Large (blue) Tarp: It’s primal. You must mark your space. Bonus: Masking tape, X marks the spot.
(Real) Beer: Only the real stuff. Under no circumstances happo-shu. Buck up and by the real stuff.
Beer Friends: Snacks! Beer gets lonely too.
One Cup: Sake out of paper cups!?! Blasphemy! Impress the ladies with your refined palate and unwavering policy that sake MUST be enjoyed from a ceramic or glass vessel. Also available in vending machines.
Portable Stereo: Vie for audio supremacy. You can’t compete if you don’t have a beat.
Digital Camera: Get those candid shots of the boss; they might come in handy later.
Keitai Neck Strap: Keeps your keitai (mobile phone) with you at all times, but watch the egg salad as you reach for the chicken.
Plastic rain coat: Made from non-breathable petroleum based materials, not only protects you from inclement weather, it keeps body heat where it should be, close to your body. Also protects against beer spilling, overzealous salary men.

Knee pads: While crawling around on the tarp, a sharp rock or protruding tree root meets your tender kneecap. Ouch! Crawl worry-free all you want with these sporty kneepads. Has many other uses as well. Available in Royal, Forest, Gold, Cardinal
Vinyl shoe covers: Keeps your collector sneakers clean in case of a muddy hanami, or unwanted vomit backsplash (not yours, of course). Available everywhere.

Extra socks: Don’t you hate it when you step in that wet spot? Your warm, thick wool socks are now like a cold, wet, heavy sponge on your feet, and the toe is flapping around as you try to play it off. Come prepared with an extra pair.
Bonus: Bring an extra pair for that special friend, too.

Hangover Medicine: Nothing takes care of that day after feeling like 1,000 milligrams of caffeine.
GPS: Global position satellites are a great way to find friends in crowded parks.
Large Helium Balloon: Aerial markers make it easy for friends to find the party. Also great for late-night karaoke chipmunk songs.

Hanami Head Gear

Nothing says “I’m in charge” like a bold rep tie.
Helmet: Even monkeys fall out of trees sometimes. Bonus Points: Beer Helmet. This practical device will make you the envy of the party.
Shades: Look cool while shielding your eyes so you won’t look like a lost child while searching for friends.
Loud, Garish Clothing: Make it easy for friends to find you and made a bold statement at the same time. Caution: If over 40, consult a professional.

Toys: You are what you fling.

Flying Disc: “I am an outdoor person!”
Ilumminated Flying Disc: “I’m outdoorsy and a little psychedelic.”
Hacky Sack: “Me too! And I love hugging trees!”
(American) Football: “Pass me a Bud…then go long!”
Badminton Set: “I’m not athletic, but I’m sporty and have excellent manners!”