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Sno-Limo Brings Mountain Fun to Everyone
By Robert Colbourne

While you’re putting on your gloves and getting ready to jump on the chairlift this season, don’t be alarmed if you see someone comfortably sitting while being chauffeured down the mountain in a “limo.” A limo on the slopes? Well, not exactly.

The “Sno-Limo” is a specially designed snow vehicle for people who don’t ski or snowboard. This new concept in ski equipment allows non-skiers, or people physically unable to ski, out on the mountain to enjoy the fresh air and the sensation of carving up down the slopes without ever having to put on a pair of skis.

The Sno-Limo is best described as a comfortable chair on skis, driven and controlled by a trained driver (chauffeur) who rides behind the guest much like a dog sled.

Two brothers in Whistler, Canada, designed this innovative concept, and these custom-built sleds are designed to easily load and unload from chairlifts with the guest comfortably seated the entire time. They are constructed using aircraft grade aluminum, making them very light and strong and, since the Sno-Limo is gravity-powered, it produces no emissions, preserving the environment and helping everyone breathe a little easier.
Taking a ride in the Sno-Limo is as close as it gets to the rush of skiing down a snow-covered mountain without actually doing it. The sleds lean into turns the same way a skier would. There’s even a built-in vibration absorption system, so the ride is nice and smooth.

The company offers several types of tours ranging from one-hour trips to a full day tours. The tours generally stick to blue and green runs, since the ride is more about enjoying the beauty and the experience rather than pumping adrenaline. Chauffeurs are trained to show guests mountain vistas while explaining about the geography and ecology of the particular alpine environment.

Sno-Limo aims to open an entirely new activity for people who have never had the opportunity to explore the mountain environment. For people who do not ski or snowboard, or for those who simply want a unique and informative ride through the mountains, the Sno-Limo is a great activity.

Currently, the Sno-Limo service is available in ski resorts in western Canada, including Whistler Blackcomb, Sun Peaks, Big White, Grouse Mountain and Sunshine in Banff, but the company is expanding fast and plans to offer the service throughout Japan as early as next year. To find out more, check out their Website at www.sno-limo.com

Sno-Limo 2007 Demo Dates

Check out the Sno-Limo for yourself when they come to selected ski resorts in Japan for demonstrations.

Feb. 2-3: Myoko Suginohara Ski Resort, Niigata.
Feb. 5-6: Yakebitaiyama Ski Resort, Shiga Kogen, Nagano.
Feb. 8-9: Naeba Resort, Niigata.