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OJ Winter - Gear Spotlight
By Taro Muraishi

Arc' Teryx
Alpha LT Jacket (¥86,100)

Try the Alpha on once this winter and compare it to what you're currently wearing. In spite of the eye-popping price, the other-worldly fit will be sure to impress. The secret lies in the new Goretex "Pro Shell" and the recently developed 8-mm. wide tiny seam tape which prevents water from seeping through the stitching.

Half Dome Jacket (¥57,540)

This jacket from the Berghaus stable leaves the tricot behind in favor of a woven inner layer equipped with the new Goretex "Pro Shell" outer layer. Great improvements in both weight reduction and abrasion resistance are accented by a relaxed hood design.

Englishmen Peter Rocky and Gordon Davidson launched the Berghaus name in 1966 and have since garnered the trust and respect of those explorers and climbers who trek through the world's most extreme environments. Berghaus finally landed in Japan in October, 2007, and is available at selected Marui stores (Marui Yurakucho, Marui City Ikebukuro and Nanba Marui) as well as pro shops in Japan. Check out their new Web site for details: (www.berghausjapan.com).

Nature Line

Icebreaker’s new product is just for the ladies. The Nature Line under layer is made from only the finest New Zealand Merino wool, personally inspected and bought from a local farm. The inspiring silhouettes and coloring make this the perfect under garment for ladies with discriminating tastes.

M's R2 Jacket (¥23,100)

Fleece has made the transition from "outdoor specialists" to "street wear" for the young and old. Patagonia’s new synthetic takes the functional elements from the fur of cold-weather canines (biomimicry), as long “hairs” block the wind and short “hairs” trap in the heat. The new style remains compact for easy storage.   

Digital HERO 3 ($139.99, not yet sold in Japan)

This compact digital camera is fitted with a strap, which allows you to attach the device to arms, paddles, handlebars and anything else you can wrap it—or your mind—around. The waterproof camera can take on rough rapids, high surf or the mountains, giving you ample opportunity to capture those priceless moments such as when friends seriously wipe out.