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Bali Soul in the Heart of Tokyo
By Amanda Fulton

Friendly people, a vibrant culture and stunning natural beauty have made Bali a favorite destination for travelers. The island’s diverse landscape features sandy beaches, gushing rivers, steaming volcanoes and the ubiquitous green terraced rice-fields.

Yet what attracts many people to Bali is the unique blend of art, culture and great places to eat. The Balinese have somehow managed to preserve many of their traditions despite the onslaught of tourism and globalism. Their distinctive architecture is blended into the beautiful villas and temples, as well as the laid-back atmosphere in the cafes and restaurants.

Many of the “Asian Fusion” restaurants you find all over the world borrow heavily on the Balinese style. Food aside, the ambience at restaurants in Bali is a truly exotic experience, often accompanied by music and dancing.

Balinese dishes are full of spices, seasonings and secret touches. The variety of spices and different methods of food preparation reflect the richness of the Balinese culinary heritage.

The cultural heart of Bali is the bustling mountain town of Ubud, and it is rapidly becoming one of Asia’s culinary centers as well. Al fresco dining with the hypnotic sounds of Balinese music filling the night air is unforgettable.

Bali Café PUTRI brings the feel of a Balinese open-air café smack to the heart of Tokyo. An Italian designer passionate about Bali is behind the restaurant, which features an exotic décor and friendly staff.

The terrace has one of the most beautiful night views in Roppongi Hills, and the large outdoor seating area overlooking a small garden is open all year. Enjoy aromatic dishes and delicious Balinese coffee at Bali Café PUTRI. It’s the perfect salve after a hectic day in the city. Enjoy outdoor dining – Balinese-stye!

Bali Cafe Putri
B1F, Roppongi Hills Hillside, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
(03) 5786-7795
Open everyday 11:00 - 25:00 (L.O. 24:00)