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Blaze a trail this autumn

Blaze a trail this autumn
By Gardner Robinson 


Blaze a trail this autumn

When the summer beach houses come down at the end of August, sun worshipers lament the end of summer. Not me. My Pacific Northwest DNA welcomes autumn in Japan with open arms. It’s still warm enough to hit the beaches which are less crowded in and out of the water, and the nighttime air is cool and crisp, especially if you head up to higher altitudes where the leaves start changing from green to gold.
After the late summer typhoons pass through, the weather is generally clear and stable, which makes it a great time for cycling tours, rock climbing and hiking.  Check out our Autumn Guide for some ideas.
If you still need to get in a bit more sand and sun, Okinawa is always a great option. You can grab your scuba gear and explore undersea ruins or even catch some waves. If you want to go further abroad, another destination best-known for beaches and diving is Phuket, yet here too, especially during the monsoon season, you’ll find some surprisingly decent surf.
It’s also an excellent time to explore new places you’ve had on your wish list, such as the Fuji Five Lakes area in Yamanashi. Colorful hillsides and gorges await, with epic mountain treks such as the Shinetsu Trail , and old post towns steeped with history on the Nakesendo Trail.
There are some great deals out there with many places offering special rates this autumn and winter to encourage people to visit. It’s been a tough year, but Japan is bouncing back, and we can all help the cause by getting out and doing what we love, traveling and encouraging friends and family to come over this fall and winter. Spread the love, blaze a trail and enjoy this beautiful season in Japan.

We are lucky to be living in Asia’s best snow country. If you are already getting excited for the white season, our Winter Issue will be coming out in December with our annual Winter Sports Guide, which will be our biggest issue yet.