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Fumitaka Igari has spent his life surfing and snowboarding and promoting the sports in Japan and overseas. In winter he lives in Hakuba and runs the High Cascade Snowboard Camp and Café, he ran the popular Girlfriends Camp, worked on the Asia Open and as snow resort consultant. In summer he brings Japanese campers to Oregon for the High Cascade Summer Camp on Mt. Hood.

After more than 18 tours of duty fighting the powder season in Sapporo, Japan, Neil Hartmann has no plans to leaving anytime soon.  With the birth of his second daughter this year, Neil splits his time between magazine photography and brands such as The North Face and Burton, producing his popular video series “Car Danchi” and of course family time. Somehow he’s managed to find some time to construct a new café near his home in Jozankei.

Cveto Podlogar’s resume reads like a true adventurer. He’s a former member of Slovenia’s national cross-country team and an ex-Olympian who has climbed peaks from Nepal to Yosemite and Acongagua. He’s a qualified ski instructor, hang glider instructor and rock climbing instructor and is the only non-Japanese authorized guide for Japan’s Alpine Guide Association. Cveto and his wife Chiharu run a private guiding company called C&C Japan (www.candcjp.com).

Bill Ross has been in Japan since 1982, but he says life really began in 1996 when he moved to Myoko Kogen. He continues his writing and creative work while mountain guiding for Myoko Backcountry Ski School in winter and Myoko City in summer. Joe Kobashi is a Tokyo-based outdoor photographer, specializing in ski photography. His work has appeared in all major Japanese ski and outdoor magazines. And his name really is Joe (from the kanji for castle, which can be read “shiro” or “jo”).