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In 2005, California native Glenn Policare left California in search of fresh air and island living, becoming activities director at a resort hotel in Saipan after a long stint as a summer camp director. He’s contributed to RIPTIDE and MOVEMENT magazines in Australia and when not SCUBA diving or mountain biking, he is planning his next surfing trip to Bali.

A nature and landscape photographer from Canada, Peter Skov added mountain photography to his repertoire after coming to Japan 10 years ago. When not hauling 35-kilo packs up the Japan Alps, he is pounding away at the keys of his computer for magazines inside and outside of Japan.

Pete Leong is an Australian photographer based in Fukushima, Japan.
He is currently a full time wedding photographer but in his free time loves to shoot travel, action and adventure sports photography. You can see more of his work at www.peteleong.com.

Born in a small mid-western American farm town, Chris Nixon earned his Japanese stripes in Shimane Prefecture, then made the move to Tokyo after spending time in Colorado, Chicago and Los Angeles. A fan of all board sports, but master of none, he now enjoys the unfortunate status of “weekend warrior,” yet still aspires to “every day fanatic.”