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From The Editor

From The Editor
By Gardner Robinson 

One of my favorite writers is Tim Cahill. If you enjoy travel writing, crazy adventures and self-deprecating humor, you’ll enjoy his books. You can’t miss the titles, which poke good-hearted fun at romantic adventure novels, such as “Jaguars are Ripping at My Flesh,” “Pecked to Death by Ducks” or “A Wolverine is Eating My Leg,” to name a few.

So ,when my friend Burkey said to me on Skype, “Hey, did you hear Ed got in a fight with a bear? Was pretty bad. Ripped off his nipple,” it seemed like the title of a new Cahill story, “A Bear is Ripping off My Nipple.” It’s amusing now, but this was no laughing matter for Ed or a particular Asiatic Black Bear.

About the time Japan’s bears start fattening up and getting ready for a long snooze, the country’s other inhabitants go in search of their own warm holes to climb and soak in the colorful scenery. Japan’s got everything from luxury hot spring hotels to rustic places where you hike and dig your own. Inside we spotlight some great autumn travel destinations we hope will give you some inspiration and ideas for enjoying this great season in Japan. 

This issue also includes our annual “Travel Asia Special,” highlighting some cool destinations just in time to plan your winter holidays. Yet, if you want to hike the Himalayas, best to leave a bit early, as October and November are the best months for trekking in Nepal, Tibet or The Land of the Thunder Dragon—Bhutan.

As the pavement cools off and the typhoons have passed it’s also the best time for bike touring. As you’ll see, one cycling destination you don’t want to overlook is Taiwan. But, as this goes to press, the island is recovering from a recent typhoon that displaced a lot of homes, so our wishes go out to everyone there.

Finally, some OJ announcements. First, we are re-vamping Outdoor Japan Online and the new design should be up by Oct. 1. We hope it will be more user-friendly and interactive, but please send us your feedback. After a busy summer, we’ll also be up at the Sugadaira Trail Run and Outdoor Meeting (Sept. 26-27) and at the Minakami Adventure Fest (Oct. 3-4). See the Calendar for more details on how to join the event or some of the fun activities, or just come by the OJ booth and say hello.