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Janick Lemieux and Pierre Bouchard have been patrolling the world aboard their burdened bikes, seeking adventures, people and landscapes of our planet, since 1990. After pedaling more than 100,000 kilometers in more than 40 countries, they set off on a cycling odyssey among the Pacific Ring of Fire’s volcanoes. The journey ended last January after 60,000 kilometers and six years in the saddle. They’re currently “home,” in Quebec working on a book and multi-media documentary about the endeavor.

Ed Hannam emerged from the dust of central Asia several years ago, succumbing to the luxuries of Japan. He has vowed to leave only if high altitude calls or Immigration takes a good look at his passport. When not busy trying to correlate post-Spinozaist/Heisenbergian theory with the Mountain Hardwear catalogue or keeping up with the latest caffeine products from 7-Eleven, he works as a guide in Minakami. Ed is easily spotted in the Shibuya love hotel district as the only person wearing a bear bell.

Nik Silwerski grew up among the rugged beauty of the northern U.K. He came to Japan in 1992, but it wasn’t until 1999 when he realized there was daylight, mountains, hot water and snow here. His love of nature fiercely rekindled, and he’s now a self-proclaimed early-to-bed, show-me-the-powder, trails and hot water old goat. In addition to being a recently qualified yoga instructor, Nik also narrates, interprets, DJs and runs a small sound system out of his Tokyo studio. 

Lee Dobson came to Japan from Australia in 1998 and has lived in Osaka ever since. When not in a classroom imparting knowledge to the masses or writing educational material, he spends his time documenting daily life in Japan and taking “arty” photos only he understands.