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From the Editor

From the Editor
By Gardner Robinson 

Pundits may have a tough time convincing those in Japan during this long, ruthless summer that global warming is nothing but a hoax (see Inside Out P6). Autumn strolled in fashionably late and this short period before winter is a time to work, save money and consider important questions such as where to spend your winter holidays or how to squeeze in all your favorite ski resorts, plus a few new ones you’ve been dying to get to, in each precious winter weekend? OJ is here to help.

We’ve been talking about a new section focusing on the many islands in Japan and nearby Micronesia for a while. I had been an admirer of the work of marine photojournalist Tim Rock for years, and his images and stories on diving in Micronesia — where I spent a year living many moons ago — and Asia, are second to none.

I finally bumped into him in Guam earlier this year, covering the GEAR race as we chased adventure racers from stage to stage in unforgiving heat. Over a few cold ones “Island Beat” was born. In this issue, Tim focuses on a place he knows well, Guam (P14). In coming issues, we will look at other islands in the region, all of which make great winter holiday destinations.

For those of you with powder on the brain already, get your fix with the latest episode of The Snow Chaser (P28) who teaches us when it’s “raining cats,” the best thing to do is go find yourself one and climb on.

Keith Stubbs and Andrew Kelly look at an innovative way to get deep into the Kagura backcountry (P40), and the experts at Calafate make sure you have the right gear (P36). As we say around here, “Knowledge is Powder,” so be sure to get OJ’s 2010-11 Winter Sports Guide with info on resorts, services and accommodations this winter, as well as coupons to save you some yen. Pick it up free around town or e-mail us, and we’ll tell you how to get a copy.

Giveaways! If you’ve been thinking about subscribing to Outdoor Japan magazine, or even giving a subscription for a gift to a friend this holiday season, now is a great time. A few lucky subscribers will receive a beautiful calendar from world-renowned photographer Clark Little or long-time OJ contributors Kuni and Angie Takanami. 

Correction! In last issue’s story, “Summit to Sea,” a photo should have been credited to local Minakami photographer Kyle Drubek. We regret the error. You can see more of Kyle’s work at www.ksdphoto.com.