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Gear Review

Gear Review

MSR Dragonfly vs. MSR WhisperLite international

MSR Dragonfly

¥17,850 (Including Tax) Packaged Weight: 510 g.

MSR WhisperLite International

¥11,550 (Including Tax) Packaged Weight: 460 g.

Mochizuki, Tel. (0256) 32-0819

Cooking stoves for outdoor use are usually categorized into two types, the ones which use liquid fuel, such as gasoline, and the others of a canister type (in Japan, called “gas cartridge”).

The advantages of a canister type are that it is lightweight, compact and easy to use. On the other hand, a gasoline type is big and difficult to use, but it has some advantages:

(1) It produces strong heating power under the low temperature and in strong wind.

(2) If you have the model which uses gasoline for cars, you have easy access to get fuel almost anywhere in the world.

(3) Compared to the canister type, it is economical and does not produce any waste.

(4) If you have it, you look really professional. If you are a beginner doing outdoor activities, that sounds good, right?

These two types have a big difference, when I comes to controlling heating power. If you use a Dragonfly, it is possible to use low heating power, and you can cook a good meal with a good pot. It makes quite a loud sound when you try strong heating power. It will give you some comfort, especially if you are alone in the wilderness.

On the other hand, a WhisperLite does not make so much noise. Maybe for people who used to use a Dragonfly or an expedition stove produced by MSR, it might lack for excitement. It has the advantage of breaking down easily, so you can do maintenance and repair by yourself. Comparing to the more complicated Dragonfly, the structure is quite simple and does not break easily. White gasoline, lead-free gas for cars, kerosene, light gas and jet fuel can be used. (A WhisperLite has its own white gasoline).

The exciting part is in deciding which one you want to pick. If you do backpacking and kayaking, go for a Dragonfly. If you like to go out for more than a one-month adventure trip abroad, take a WhisperLite. I love to use both of them. They are the best, and I want you to have both.