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From The Editor

From The Editor
By Gardner Robinson 

Now into our fourth issue of Outdoor Japan Magazine we couldn’t be happier with the response we’ve received. In addition to locations all over Japan readers are now picking up OJ from Hong Kong and Thailand to Australia and the U.S.A. We hope we are helping people realize Japan is an amazing travel destination and place to live with so much to see and do. Each month we struggle to fit in everything we want into these pages, but with the support of our readers and sponsors, we’ll continue to add pages and provide exciting new content. Readers can contribute to OJ by subscribing online at www.outdoorjapan.com and sending in comments and suggestions to editor@outdoorjapan.com. We also welcome companies wishing to support Outdoor Japan and reach a large, highly targeted readership seeking quality goods and services. With your help, we look forward to a great year in 2006!

This winter has seen record snowfalls creating havoc in many parts of the country, making for a long snow season at ski resorts such as Rusutsu (see Page ???). Have fun, but be careful in the backcountry, especially on warm days when avalanche danger is high. Ice flows off the coast of eastern Hokkaido were sighted 11 days earlier than last year to the delight of ice divers (see Page ???). Also on the Big Island, the annual Sapporo Yuki Matsuri (Snow Festival) kicks off Feb. 6-12.

CONTRATULATIONS to everyone that has won prizes so far in the OJ Winter Giveaway. Go online for a list of winners and enter for a chance to win.

Gardner Robinson

この冬の大寒波・豪雪。いったい何がどうなってしまったのだろう? アラスカやカナダなどの北国では反対に暖冬となり、雪がほとんど降っていないという。日本に暮らす我々スノースポーツマニアには嬉しい限りだが、事故災害も多く起こっている。笑ってばかりもいられない。

Taro Muraishi
Senior Editor