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From The Editor

From The Editor
By Gardner Robinson & Taro Muraishi 

Rock, reggae, techno, country, bluegrass, jazz, classical, world—the list goes on. The cool sounds at outdoor music festivals make the hot summers in Japan  bearable. Whether it’s a weekend howling at the Full Moon Parties in Minakami, a pilgrimage to Summer Sonic or Fuji Rock or enjoying classical compositions in Sapporo, there are outdoor events to satiate every musical palate. Jump on the OJ Magic Bus as its big wheels keep on turning and churning through the summer music scene.

We go from the sweltering summer in Japan to the snowy summer of New Zealand where you’ll find some of the southern hemisphere’s finest skiing. Visitors from Japan make up nearly 50% of the clientele at some NZ ski tour companies; Kiwi Powder is no secret to the legions of winter sports enthusiasts in Japan that head south for one last snow fix.

Down south in Kyushu, we see if budget travel really is possible in Japan and then paddle around Tsushima, along the border with Korea. Parents looking for ideas this summer will want to check out the lineup of summer camps, a great way to keep the kids busy and give mom and dad a bit of time to themselves.

We’re also excited to announce the first Outdoor Japan Podcast hosted by Adam Clark (AKA the Skate Evangelist). Listen in for on-location adventures, insights, guest’s views and more. Tsuyu (the rainy season in Japan) usually lasts from mid-June to mid-July, but don’t let a little rain stop you from enjoying the summer magic.

Gardner Robinson

“LOVE & PEACE”すべての人が愛で繋がれば、戦争は起こらない。それはすなわち平和の訪れ。そう、1人の男が立ち上がり前代未聞の伝説的フリーライブとなってしまった『WOODSTOCK』から37年。そして日本のロック・フェスティバルの先駆けとして確固たる地位を築く『FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL』は今年で10年目を迎え、さらなる広がりを見せる。アウトドアスポーツと音楽が興味の中心、というわたしにとっては何よりも嬉しい季節がやってきた。

Taro Muraishi
Senior Editor