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From The Editor

From The Editor
By Gardner Robinson 

Summer is the shortest season in Japan. It seems as soon as the rainy season ends the first storms come rolling in from across the Pacific to usher in typhoon season. Some people don’t mind the September winds; in fact they search them out. Surfers and windsurfer’s eyes sparkle with the mention of typhoons—these harbingers of high winds and big waves. Recently, a new breed of wave rider has joined the wind seeker ranks and taken it to new heights, literally. Across the globe, kiteboarding (or kitesurfing if you prefer) has converted many a windsurfer whose eyes are now turning skyward. The sport is still evolving here in Japan, but thanks to some active local riders and instructors, like Seigo Akada (Page ???), it’s got a bright future.

 I can’t believe Outdoor Japan Magazine’s first full year is just about in the books. Last year about this time I vaguely recall Craig and I pulling two all-nighters in order to meet the deadline for the first issue of our brand new magazine. When we dropped off the data, the printer left us alone for a few minutes in the conference room, returning to find us totally crashed out.

As we launch into our second year we’ve got some great ideas to expand the magazine, but we especially want to hear your ideas as well. Please send suggestions and comments to editor@outdoorjapan.com so we can include more of what you want to see in the magazine.

Gardner Robinson


Taro Muraishi
Senior Editor