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From The Editor

From The Editor
By Gardner Robinson 

There are many great things about living in Japan. You can walk down a backstreet in Tokyo or Osaka and not worry about getting mugged for one. You can set your Swiss watch to the train system that whisks you off to exciting outdoor activities and unique places and, of course, there’s the unbelievable food. But, one of the best things about calling Japan home is actually getting out of Japan. It’s just a hop, skip and a “puddle jump” to any number of awesome travel destinations.  The quandary is often choosing where to spend your winter holiday. Our annual “Travel Asia Special” sheds some light on a few places you might want consider before you take off to refresh, recharge and explore Asia.

Late fall is the season for cycling in Japan and there are a number of events coming up (see the Races & Events section) where you can get your wheels spinning. We’d also like to welcome our new Race & Event Editor, Pauline Kitamura, who is always in search of news about new events to put in the magazine and online, so e-mail her at events@outdoor.japan.com. The yoga/fitness section is another addition to the magazine to help get you stretched out and centered, which is good thing with winter just around the corner. Early snows are already falling in the mountains, so check OJ Online for a list of Ski Resorts opening early where you can get in some turns before the real season begins and get ready for next month’s 2007 Winter Sports Preview!

Gardner Robinson