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From The Editor

From The Editor
By Gardner Robinson 

Not long after arriving in Saipan, where I’d spend a year on “the rock,” I experienced my first hash run. I really didn't know what I was getting into, but I was told it was a great place to meet people on the island – and since the group called themselves a "drinking club with a running problem,” I figured further investigation was warranted. “Hashing” in Saipan means a lot of "boonie stomping," which roughly translates into trying not to get lost in the jungle or cut on old coral rocks. On this day the run finished on a beautiful beach with one of Saipan’s glorious sunsets. After many "down downs" (think drinking lots of beer out of an unusual "vessel") I found myself inducted into the group. Over the years, as I traveled through Asia, I joined memorable runs in Chiang Mai and Bali and always found a welcoming group of people who loved to run – and drink. It’s good to see the hash alive and well in Japan.

“Full Circle,” the feature from High Tide columnist Mitsuharu Kume, recounts his remarkable journey around Japan powered by bio-diesel and regular cooking oil. He stopped at Patagonia shops throughout Japan to show his photos and spread the word on renewable alternative fuels.  It’s a timely reminder of what one person can do and how many people they can reach. We hope you’ll enjoy the latest issue under the cherry blossoms this spring before their gone. Send in photos and selected readers will receive a free subscription to Outdoor Japan.

DON’T MISS IT If you couldn’t make the first Snow Splash, you can still catch this year’s finale in Hakuba, Nagano, on Mar. 8. Tickets and transportation at www.reggaesnowsplash.com.

CORRECTION for the error in the Jan/Feb 2008 issue in which a photo of Cveto Podlogar (Faces in the Crowd) was included the STAY & PLAY story of The Hawk & Hare Inn owner Michael Perrin. Sorry guys! OJ regrets the error.

- Gardner Robinson, Editor-in-Chief