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From the Editor

From the Editor
By Gardner Robinson 

When Shaun White wrapped up his second Olympic gold medal at Vancouver in the half pipe with a run to spare, he could have rested on his laurels. Instead he laid down a “victory lap” that spread across the Web faster than you can say “double McTwist 1260.” The moment was an instant Olympic classic, yet unquestionably filled with the throw-caution-to-the-wind, freestyle vibe snowboarding brings to the world stage. Traditionalists who opposed snowboarding joining The Games had better watch out; skateboarding appears to be next, and it looks as though Shaun may be greedy for more gold.

Since the Oscar award-winning documentary film “The Cove” was released in 2009, fisherman in Japan have been thrust into the global spotlight, largely in a negative light. However, there has been little coverage of the tens of thousands of Japanese fisherman who toil to put food on the tables of a nation with a rich fishing culture. As their ranks disappear, so does the history and knowledge that has been passed down from father to son and generation to generation. OJ columnist, fisherman, and photographer Mitsuharu Kume shines some light on the life and times of the Japanese ryoshi. Kume-san will double down this issue with an interview with an old surfing buddy who happens to be one of Japan’s top trail runners, Hiroshi Ishikawa.

We’ve received some nice feedback on the recent series of haikyo stories, and we continue this issue with “Once Upon a Mine.” You might wonder how exploring ghost towns and abandoned theme parks fits into our lifestyle magazine, but  adventure and travel are at the heart of OJ and are key ingredients to haikyo hunting.

Somewhere between the snow melting and the rainy season is one of the best times for adventure in Japan. Rivers are pumping for white whiter sports and canyoning, and pleasant temperatures make it a perfect time for rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking and camping. Have fun out there!

What’s next? Don’t miss the next issue for our guide to the sea, sand and sounds of summer.

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