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Life-saving Scarves By Hikaru Bruntland

The alpaca is a type of camel native to the Andes Mountains of Bolivia and Peru. Their exceptionally soft coat maintains a silk-like sheen and the insulation provided by the long, light and durable fur makes it universally desirable. They are, in fact...


Market Insights By 

An interview with Yamate Homes President Koji Takeda Yamate Homes has mostly been working with real estate in Tokyo. How did you get into the resort real estate market? About five years ago, we were in Niseko (Hokkaido), looking to purchase some...


Textures of Life By Mitsuharu Kume

Sandboxes, the ubiquitous play areas in Japanese parks and playgrounds, allow children who live far from the sea to enjoy building sand castles, digging tunnels and playing in the sand right outside their front door. When you take a closer look at ...