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Beer Buzz
742016-07-01 16

Have Beer? Will Travel By Justin Stein

Many of our readers already know that Vancouver, Canada, is a great urban base for outdoor activities. This beautiful city is surrounded by water and mountains that offer excellent ocean sports, winter sports, hiking, mountain biking and more. Vancouv...


Toasting Trans-Pacific Cooperation By Justin Stein

When you consider how many friendships are created or cemented over a pint of beer, perhaps it should be no surprise the craft brewing industry is filled with collaboration. Upcoming craft brewers commonly remark on the assistance they receive from ...

770ganko oyaji barley wine-2_thumb

Warming up to Barleywines By Justin Stein

Cuisine has its seasons and so do beverages. As winter sets in, beer drinkers tend to move toward stronger brews. Rich malts and warming alcohols match the cold night air as perfectly as sitting beside a wood fire. One of the classic examples of stron...

657shuzenji heritage helles w- 250ml glass_thumb

Beer Buzz By Justin Stein

  If you went to an eco-event sponsored by Patagonia Japan this summer, perhaps a beach clean-up or a sustainability study session, you might have received a cold Shuzenji Heritage Helles by Baird Brewing Company. As part of Baird’s part...


Getting Funky By Justin Stein

Whether it’s James Brown’s drummer making you jump out of your seat and dance or that bag of stinky gym clothes bringing a tear to your eye, funky stuff provokes strong reactions. This is no less true with beer, where funky brews’ wi...