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Pera Pera Corner

Backcountry Snowboarding in Japan's Powder Heaven By Pauline Kitamura

こういう時はどう言うの? 教えてポーリン先生!質問とリクエストはmost welcome。ドシドシ送って下さい! Pera Pera = to speak fluently; to blab; to blabber; Blabber Blabber Okay. I’ll admit it. Being C...


How to Spend a Happy New Year By Pauline Kitamura

Before coming to Japan, New Year’s Eve had a different meaning for me. It was a time for dancing and partying all night with friends, counting down to midnight and, of course, drinking lots and lots of champagne. As a result, New Year’s Da...


Go Ride a Bike! By Pauline Kitamura

A great way to experience a city is to hop on a jitensha (bicycle). In Japan, however, bikes are predominantly used for transportation as opposed to recreation. It’s therefore important to keep in mind a few pointers when riding in town, includi...