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Who Doesn’t Like a Hot Bath? By Dave Paddock

Ahhh, a leisurely soak in a hot spring with good friends, taking in the snow-covered scenery. Sound good? Then you’ll get along just fine with the Japanese macaque (Macaca fuscata), also known as the snow monkey or Nihon-zaru. You can observe th...


For the Love of the Climb By Mitsuko Totani

Born in Slovenia, a rugged country boasting with sportsman's culture, Cveto Nakashima Podlogar is well versed in trekking and alpine climbing. He now pours his energy into his alpine school and guide service in Japan while continuing to explore the...


Exploring Mitake-San By Mitsuko Totani

As you exit the cable car from Takimoto Station and take in the view of the surrounding Musashino Plain, it is clear why the local samurai made Mt. Mitake a place of worship and training. Mitake Shrine, located at the top of an enormous flight of...


Happy Trails! By Pauline Kitamura

TRAIL RUNNING IN JAPAN If you head up to the mountains in Japan, most of the people you’re likely to see are groups of hikers in their late 40s to 60s. Tozan (hiking) is a very popular activity among this generation and these fit folks, often r...


The Roof of the Gods By Mitsuharu Kume

The morning light is dazzling as it reflects off the vermillion offertory box. The interior remains dark as if to emphasize the sacredness of what lies beyond. The five men entering this sacred place ascend another level and head toward the main wo...