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Finding Flow in Korea By Paul Lammens

When I read “Finding Flow” in the Outdoor Japan Longboard Section for the first time, I mused how cool it sounded; how Zen. “Yes, I’m finding this rhythm,” I thought as I carved and tucked hills in New Brunswick, Canada. ...


Diesel, Drive-bys and Dome Lights By Troll

When the snow begins to fall, I head straight for the mountains to indulge my love for telemarking. This years first turns were in Tateyama in Toyama Prefecture where early rainstorms created icy conditions for my annual snow baptism. Driving is a n...


Journey To The Heart By Brant Secunda

Shamans throughout the world have been involved in healing for thousands of years, dating back to Paleolithic times. The shamanic tradition involves healing through personal transformation as well as healing our family, community and environment. Cent...


The Eight Winds By Mitsuharu Kume

When I see a typhoon materialize on the weather map, part of me jumps for joy, while the other prays for mercy. As a surfer, naturally I get excited about tropical storms appearing off the coast. However, as a fisherman who makes his living from th...