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Travelers Tune

By Mitsuharu Kume



Mitsuharu Kume dramatically changed the course of his life 15 years ago, moving from Tokyo to southern Japan’s Tanegashima Island and becoming a commercial fisherman and marine photographer. His new book is called Caguama, which means Loggerhead Sea Turtle in Mexican. It is a stunning documentary of the amazing journey these endangered sea turtles undertake from Japan to Mexico and Hawaii.

Caguama captures the joyful environment and adorable nature of Loggerhead Sea Turtles amidst the ongoing threat of extinction. Constant coastal construction and cliff preservation projects in Japan have drastically decreased the number of nesting havens for these prehistoric-like creatures. Additionally, trawling fishing nets are death traps for the turtles, killing many annually.

Mitsuharu’s love of ocean and surfing is shared in his pictures along with his obvious passion for the turtles. He hopes this collection of very personal images will help raise awareness of the plight of the turtles and encourage conservation in Japan and across the Pacific and provide a glimpse of hope for the future of the Loggerhead Sea Turtle.

Price: ¥1,995
Web: www.kumemitsuharu.com
Tel: (0997) 27-0050

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